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In just 11 days all the newly matched residents will be planning their next 3-7 years in Ann Arbor.

Match Day 2014

UM congering heros flag Michigan Medical Residents Match in 11 Days Match day is March 21st this year. All across the nation, medical school graduates will be hoping they get their first choice to begin their residency.

Each year we work with a good number of the new residents moving to Ann Arbor to be apart of the University of Michigan Hospital system.

We’ve already started to get some calls from moms and dad’s and students looking on our Ann Arbor home search site.


U of M hospital from road Michigan Medical Residents Match in 11 Days Last year and it appears to be again this year we are short on inventory.

Four of our residents had to write offers on homes that were sight unseen. They simply just didn’t have the time to book a flight and get out here. My daughter would go to the house do a google chat with them and then write the offer.

We laughed later as we were having dinner with one of the couple who had to find their home this way. She said, my parents thought we were crazy when we told them we were buying a house we had never seen with a Realtor we have never met.

Unfortunately, it was necessary for those four couples.

Regardless, it is not to early to start your home search and condo search if you are “matching” to University of Michigan. 



U of M. hospitals 014 Michigan Medical Residents Match in 11 Days We have reference’s give us a call at 734-926-9797 or email [email protected] and we will send them to you.

The Spirit of Ann Arbor

April 13, 2013 — 1 Comment

The Spirit of Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan School of Engineering created the video in the end of the post, I thought it was really good. I loved everyone’s opinions on the Spirit of Ann Arbor.

I think they summed up fairly well what it is like to live and or work in Ann Arbor. I loved the street scene’s. Recently I wrote on Discover Ann Arbor and there was no way to sum up everything about discovering Ann Arbor and the Spirit of Ann Arbor.

After you watch the video let me know your thoughts are on what you think is the Spirit of Ann Arbor.

I think my biggest one is the diversity of people and opinions and the freedom to be you.

Relocating to Ann Arbor

Many people move to Ann Arbor and stay forever, some are here for only a few short years while attending the University of Michigan. I’ve lived here 32 years, hard to believe with my Southern roots.  I really love working with transplanted southerners moving to Ann Arbor.

Go Blue, Beat Ohio!

November 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

Michgan vs MSU Nov 3 2007 020 150x150 Go Blue, Beat Ohio! Game day, Michigan plays Ohio, everyone here is excited…such a great rivalry.

I have friends that are from Ohio, we like each other…are fellow bloggers. We don’t get nasty, we have fun, we respect each other. Why do people have to be mean?

It’s football for gods sake!

Good luck Maureen, Elaine and David. (We’ll see who has Google alerts set up) P1070276 150x150 Go Blue, Beat Ohio!


P1080039 300x199 Go Blue, Beat Ohio!





Michigan helmet Need a Place to Stay During the U of M Football games? Yesterday I received a call from someone on one of my listings from 2010. She and her family were going to be having a family reunion in Ann Arbor and she had spoken to someone who was renting their home out for them to stay in on a Michigan football weekend. 

I had NEVER heard of this. Since her daughter who was coordinating the event, I was  concerned it might be like a craigslist scam. I was able to hook her up with the buyer agent who sold the home in 2010 so all is good.

She called me back and told me the name of the website where local Ann Arbor people could rent out their homes during U of M  football games. Turns out she was right, the name of the site is Rent like a Champion. According to the Ann Arbor News about 3300 rooms are rented during the weekend of home games, the name of the local, Ann Arbor site is Ann Arbor Football Rentals. 

When I went to their site for Ann Arbor, I didn’t find many homes available for rent, so homeowners, what do you think?

I think it is a great idea and could easily spread across the country. The site and idea was started by 3 Notre Dame graduates and I think it is a intriguing idea.  Instead of the tenants eating out all weekend they would have kitchen privileges and everyone stay together.

P1080035 300x199 Need a Place to Stay During the U of M Football games?

According to Pat Doyle, CEO of Rent Like a Champion, the rental is tax free to the homeowner as you can rent for 14 days a year without any tax liability. (IRS code)

For more information contact: (855) BIG GAME or [email protected]

So let’s go Ann Arbor let’s fill the web-site up for homes available to rent during the U of M football weekends. caulk l town game u of M Need a Place to Stay During the U of M Football games?


Do you think renting your home out for U of M Football games is a good idea or bad? Leave your thoughts below in the comments, good or bad? Would you consider doing this? 

DRS 293x300 University of Michigan Match Day 2013Today is the day that thousands of Medical School graduates will receive their “match letters” and know which hospital they will be working in.

Each year the Missy Caulk TEAM works with many of the physicians coming to University of Michigan and St. Joseph Mercy Hospitals in Ann Arbor.

If you are a going to be a Resident Physician looking to buy a home or condo in Ann Arbor during your time here, give us a call at 734-926-9797.

We have plenty of references and will provide upon request.

Currently our inventory in Ann Arbor Real Estate is down. Which is making it challenging to find a condo or home for people moving to Ann Arbor. For many first time home buyers we are writing on houses or condo’s several times before the buyer is getting the bid. The last one took 5 times and finally listened to us and went over asking price.

Not trying to scare you off, just prepare you because of the shortage of inventory we usually have in the Spring Market in Ann Arbor Area.

You can begin your Ann Arbor Real Estate home search here. We also have rental properties on this Ann Arbor home search site, but FYI, not many rentals either.

GO BLUE!!   icon biggrin University of Michigan Match Day 2013

Michigan football, is all about the team, the team, the team.

Bo’s speech is inspiring to me, because it is spoken from the heart, in the passion only he can do.