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Missy is one of the movers and shakers in the real estate community - she definitely wants to stay on top of the current trends and give her customers the benefit of being on the cutting edge. She is aggressive in all the right ways - aggressive in marketing not only her listings on behalf of her clients, but in telling the world how wonderful her community is. From what Missy has selflessly shared with other bloggers online, she also takes time to get to know her clients and see their needs as individuals - she is very caring and considerate, and if I had anyone looking for real estate help in Ann Arbor, a phone call to Missy would be the first thing on my list!

- Karen Rice

Missy Caulk brings experience and professionalism to all of her Real Estate Transactions. Whether you are buying or selling Real Estate in Michigan Missy is an expert in her field.

- Melissa Grant

Missy has been a mentor to me at the Active Rain Network. She has shared so much about blogging, business promotion for my real estate business. I have learned that see is a true professional with a wonderful heart, and takes exceptional care of her clients.

- Chris Bohn

Missy is my source for Ann Arbor MI real estate information. Missy is one of the most ethical and straight forward people I have met. Missy is always there for her client and knows the market in Ann Arbor better than most. I would certainly use Missy for my Real Estate needs in Ann Arbor MI.

- Thesa Chambers

Missy Caulk is an exceptional Real Estate Agent! Now we haven't transacted any business together but when I do have an Ann Arbor client who needs to Sell or Buy a home, I know I can count on Missy to provide quality service and get things done. With a top class team and utilizing the latest technology, she truly makes the buying and selling process an educational process. If your not thinking of buying or selling now but might in the near future, you want to follow Missy at annarborrealestatetalk.com, she'll make sure you're prepared when it's time.

- Ricardo Bueno

Missy is honest and caring. I look up to her for her success.

- Loreena Yeo

Missy is THE Realtor for Ann Arbor MI, and handles buyers and sellers clients with care and professionlisum. She knos her area like the back of her hand, if you have real estate needs in or near Ann Arbor I highly recommend you contact Missy Caulk. Liz Carter Broker/Owner Liz Carter & Team Realty, Katy, TX

- Liz Carter

Missy is a true professional who is extremely knowledgeble, a terrific negotiator and a genuinely nice person. Anyone would be fortunate to have Missy represent them. She really cares about her clients.

- Margaret Rome

It is my pleasure to have Missy as a part of my Keller Williams office. Her expertise and her enthusiasm for her profession is terrific. Her associates as well as her clients receive great benefits from her work. I highly recommend Missy.

- Lu Parsons

Missy Caulk brings experience and professionalism to all of her Real Estate Transactions. Whether you are buying or selling Real Estate in Michigan Missy is an expert in her field.

- Melissa Grant

I met Missy through my position at AgentGenius, but really have come to know her in the past year. Missy has been a great resource for me as both a Realtor and a blogger and has become one of my mentors without even knowing it. I constantly comb through her writing and ask her questions about her opinions (both real estate and blogging) and the hows and whys of why she's done something this way or that. She's always happy to help and cares about her agent friends - and you can tell she applies those same principles to her clients. I don't envy her for living in a tough market, but she works hard and continues to be successful at it and for that I have to admire her.

- Matt Stigliano

Missy Caulk is one of those gems in the rain. Her vast knowledge in marketing and real estate combined with her dedication to her craft make her an obvious choice as a preferred real estate agent in the Greater Detroit area. She has excelled in social media and her work at Active Rain, Agent Genius and other platforms showcase this. We have been very impressed with her selfless nature of sharing tips and secrets in the real estate field and have found an incredible amount of information in her blog posts. Using Missy Caulk is not only a wise move, but the best choice if looking for an astute professional who knows how to get the job done. If you were to have any questions in regards to this recommendation, feel free to contact me.

- Everard Korthals

I have worked with Missy for many years now and can honestly say she is one hardest working agents I have the priveldge to know. If you want someone that will get your current house sold or to find you your dream home this is lady to do it!

- Jane Carey

I've gotten to know Missy in a business and personal form of relationship through our networking on ActiveRain Real Estate Network. She is a dedicated professional who has show time and again that she knows her stuff. Missy is surely the expert in her area and after many years of dedicated time and effort she is not only a great Realtor® but a techno wizard too!

- Sally Cheeseman

Missy is an extremely competent Realtor and is a dynamic Sales Person that does a fantastic job for her clients. She is extremely internet savvy and understands the importance of social networking, marketing and how it relates to Real Estate. Working with Missy will ensure your home has maximum exposure online. We highly recommend Missy!

- Robert and Lisa Hammerstein

In June, Missy and her team sold our condo as efficiently as possible. Missy is not only experienced in brokering real estate she is an expert in online media. Her literacy of social media and real estate tools is a rare trait in her field. Buying or selling a home can be a scary and stressful process. You want an agent like Missy on your side. Combining expertise and core values Missy can navigate any situation. Fearless with technology and years of on the ground experience it is no wonder that Missy is well known in the Realtor community. From blogging to search engine marketing to social media, Missy is first and others follow. I have the utmost respect for Missy personally and professionally. If you are buying or selling in the Ann Arbor area, contact her. If you are a real estate professional, follow her lead.

- Joe Ingersoll

Missy is the ultimate realtor. Not only does she have your best interest at hand, but she is extremely knowledgeable. It's not a job to her and her clients become friends with her. If you are buying or selling in the Ann Arbor, MI... call Missy Caulk.

- Jeff Belonger

Missy is a team leader, who is on the forefront of using technology and innovative marketing to help her clients buy and sell homes.

- Faina Sechzer

Missy is an innovative leader, successful Realtor & skillful manager. She is always on top of current technology and constantly looking for ways to improve her methods and skills. This is a great benefit to her clients. Also, a tremendous help to those in her office as she is willing to share her ideas.

- Carol Grubb

Your slogan on your emails is true. You do provide old fashion service using modern technology.

- Dan and Linda Burk, Pfizer

We have moved around a lot and been exposed to a lot of realtors, Missy, and her team are the " best". Her local knowledge was amazing.

- Chip and Jane Cooper

When we lived in Ann Arbor and were thinking about selling our house and had no idea who to call. Our neighbor's house sold quickly so naturally we decided to take the name off the sign and call. It was Missy Caulk. After selling our Ann Arbor home, Missy was able to find us the perfect piece of Property to build on. She looked out for our best interest and made sure we were in a location that was condusive to our family, school systems, our lifestyle and even checked for zoning ordinances. Missy's knowledge of Ann Arbor and surrounding area's is phenominal. Years later we decided to sell our home and property. Naturally we called on Missy to handle the sale as well as the purchase of a new home. Missy diligently worked on making sure we could close on both houses the same day. It was as flawless as putting our 4 children on the school bus at our sold house that morning and getting them off the bus that afternoon at our new home. Missy's logistical ability is a definate plus in the sale and purchase of a home. Even when there was a snag on the sellers part, Missy not only worked for us but also jumped in and helped the selling agent to make sure all went smoothly. We couldn't be happier in the house that Missy found for us and love every moment. Through the many years we have known Missy, she has gone from not only being our Realtor but a lifelong friend. Missy Caulk and her Keller Williams team are #1 and would highly recommend them for all your Realty needs. 

Through the many years we have known Missy, she has gone from not only being our Realtor but a lifelong friend. Missy Caulk and her Team are #1 and would highly recommend them for all your Realty needs. Thanks Missy! Your the Best!!! We Love You!!! 

- Tammy and Manish Patel

We have just purchased a condo with the help of our most wonderful real estate agent, Betty Steele. Even though I was a "casual" looker for many months, Betty hung in there with me. When the time was right, she was there every step of the way to assist my husband, Norman, and me, in finding just the right place that would suit our needs. We are thrilled with our new place and greatly appreciate Betty's constant attention, encouragement and advice along the way. We were very comfortable working with her and felt we could trust her in every way. She is a true asset to your team! I'm sure you already realize that, but we wanted to share our positive experience with you.

- Barbara and Norman Fichtenberg

Helpful and Knowledgable
Listed our condo in Ann Arbor with Missy in July of 2012. Priced correctly based on MIssy's expert knowledge of the market. Multiple offers within days of listing. Dozens of showings. Purchase agreement and contingency removes were dealt with timely and the closing was painless. Great experience overall. Contact Missy and her team if you are buying or selling in the Ann Arbor area!

- Joel

Missy is a very knowledgable realltor and is always looking at new and innovative ideas. She is on the cutting edge for technology in our industry. As a manager she does a fantastic job of assisting agents with questions and problems and motivating the entire group.

- Kristine Burgess

Missy has great organizational and communication skills as a realtor that spills into her community. She is constantly looking for ways to better herself which will in turn better the communities in which she works and lives!

- Dawn Trott

We chose Missy as the listing agent for our home above all the other agents we interviewed. Her knowledge, innovative thinking and organizational skills were immediately apparent. Her dedication and drive gave us confidence, her communication gave us peace and her experience and professionalism gave us results!!!

- Cindy Gazso

We were very satisfied with the responsiveness to emails, phone messages, and return calls. Missy and Betty kept us updated on what other agents were saying when they showed our home. They were very knowledgeable on what was needed to market our home .

- Brandon and Shani Inge

I referred a client to Missy and he was thrilled with the great work she did to sell his home in a difficult market. He was very impressed with Missy's qualifications and the high level of service her team delivered throughout the process. Specifically, he singled out Missy's excellent communication skills because she provided timely follow-up and feedback after each showing. His home sold much faster than anticipated.

- Steve Braun

I would recommend Missy to the world, she has a great deal of energy and knowledge while being totally grounded and capable of thinking outside the box. She has a very kind and extremely professional demeanor and is first to think about, and recommend others.

- Joe Minock

Missy is an incredibly talented and well-respected realtor and leader in her field.

- Howard Tager

Missy is a top-notch committed Real Estate Professional. I have known and worked with her since 1996 and her positive reputation precedes her. Check out her blogs to see how much value she adds to her business!

- Candace Pinaud

Missy knows the Ann Arbor real estate market like the back of her hand. She brings a wealth of experience and market knowledge with her for each of her clients, and when I think of real estate in Ann Arbor, there is no one other than Miss Caulk that I'd ever considering doing business with. She tops in my book!

- Ann Cummings

Missy is hands down the the real estate expert in Ann Arbor! Her knowledge is only surpassed by her ethics and joy in helping others! I would use Missy myself if I was in Ann Arbor and would recommend her to anyone!

- Vanessa Stalets

Missy is nothing but class. One of the few that maintains old fashion look you in the eye, and I am here for you determination, with a warm smile and good handshake. Combine this with cutting edge technology that few possess, or could, and you now have a force that just does not list homes, but gets them closed!!! I would recommend this leader to anyone! 

- Tom Braatz

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