Assisted Living in Michigan

Insight on Assisted Living Homes in Michigan

When families begin the process of looking for assisted living in Michigan, specifically the Ann Arbor area, they find that they have a large array of communities to choose from. But where do you start when finding your treasured family members next home?

When trying to help an older adult you love begin the process of relocating, it’s important to take your time and find a realtor who understands the unique challenges that come along with selling a home and finding a new home when you are a senior. 

Explore the Cost of Adjusting to Assisted Living

Michigan is rapidly becoming home to a number of senior citizens, with an estimated 17 percent of the population being adults over 65. A average resident in an assisted living community in Michigan will pay $3,850 per month.

Compared to the surrounding states:

Indiana - $4,500+

Ohio - $4,400+

United States Average- $4,000+

Why Consider an Assisted Living Home?

Sense of Community

Many seniors living alone find themselves alone and are at increased risk of loneliness and depression. With assisted living, seniors have the choice of how involved they want to be in group activities, events and social interaction with people who understand their situation. Click here to learn more.


Every community offers a variety of services and levels of care, so you can find what fit best for you and your loved one. Finding a real estate agent that understands what you need can make this transition process easier. Click here to begin your search. 

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