Have you been a victim of mortgage fraud in Michigan?

Glennborough 300x174 Have You Been A Victim of Mortgage Fraud?

Attorney General Bill Schuette announced this week that  $114,542 will be distributed from the Homeowner Protection Fund by his Corporate Oversight Division to more than 112 victims of the Hope4Homeowners mortgage rescue scam.

“These funds will help victims of the mortgage foreclosure cases we’ve prosecuted get their money back, when they would otherwise be left with nothing,” said Schuette.
In August, 2013 Schuette announced the launch of a Foreclosure Rescue Scam Victim Restitution fund as a part of the Homeowner Protection Fund monies received by the State of Michigan to resolve the National Mortgage Settlement.
Many Michigan residents have fallen prey to foreclosure rescue scam artists who offered to help citizens save their homes. This program is intended to provide restitution payments for victims of foreclosure scams. 


Have you been a victim from Help4Homeowners?
The charges against Help4Homeowners resulted from Attorney General investigation based on homeowner complaints.
Help4Homeowners was charged with three counts of violating Michigan’s Credit Services Act (CSA). The CSA prohibits charging fees before completing services when seeking to negotiate a loan on behalf of a homeowner.
The Credit Services Act carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and/or $1,000 fine, and allows the Attorney General’s office to seek restitution for affected consumers. Misleading or false statements made by the companies included guarantees to prevent foreclosure and assertions consumers could avoid foreclosure regardless of their credit score, home appraisal, or debt to income ratio. Victims were charged between $595 and $3,000.
Schuette encourages consumers who may have been a victim of Help4Homeowners to contact his Corporate Oversight Division at 877-765-8388
Google Reviews on Help4Homeowner complaints

In just 11 days all the newly matched residents will be planning their next 3-7 years in Ann Arbor.

Match Day 2014

UM congering heros flag Michigan Medical Residents Match in 11 Days Match day is March 21st this year. All across the nation, medical school graduates will be hoping they get their first choice to begin their residency.

Each year we work with a good number of the new residents moving to Ann Arbor to be apart of the University of Michigan Hospital system.

We’ve already started to get some calls from moms and dad’s and students looking on our Ann Arbor home search site.


U of M hospital from road Michigan Medical Residents Match in 11 Days Last year and it appears to be again this year we are short on inventory.

Four of our residents had to write offers on homes that were sight unseen. They simply just didn’t have the time to book a flight and get out here. My daughter would go to the house do a google chat with them and then write the offer.

We laughed later as we were having dinner with one of the couple who had to find their home this way. She said, my parents thought we were crazy when we told them we were buying a house we had never seen with a Realtor we have never met.

Unfortunately, it was necessary for those four couples.

Regardless, it is not to early to start your home search and condo search if you are “matching” to University of Michigan. 



U of M. hospitals 014 Michigan Medical Residents Match in 11 Days We have reference’s give us a call at 734-926-9797 or email [email protected] and we will send them to you.

How do schools in Washtenaw County rank?

As a licensed Broker in Michigan we can’t advise our buyers on any one school district. It is a violation of our Michigan licensing law to do so.

When buyers live locally they usually know where they want to their children to attend school in Washtenaw County.  Some buyers choose to be in a school district that has more diversity, some buyers like smaller school districts, some buyers want to be in a district where the music program is excellent…and the needs go on and on.

Fifty-four Michigan public school districts and charters were named 2013 Academic State Champions.

Winners represented the top 10 percent of districts and charters in a database created by Bridge Magazine and Public Sector Consultants that used test scores and socio economic status to determine which schools are exceeding expectations.

An Academic Champs score of 100 indicates a school’s students are achieving at expected levels for their income level; the higher the score, the better a school’s students are performing on standardized tests.

Don’t get me going on standardized tests. Most teachers,students and administrators know there is more to an education than doing well on a standardized, multiple choice test.
But, standardized tests still remain the norm for determining how your child is doing and where you want them to attend school in Washtenaw County.

Quick Glance

Here is a quick glance at some of the schools in Washtenaw County, but if you want to search for a specific school in Washtenaw County then click here.
Chelsea  Washtenaw County Schools and How They Rank
Dexter  Washtenaw County Schools and How They Rank
Milan  Washtenaw County Schools and How They Rank
Ypsilanti  Washtenaw County Schools and How They Rank
Saline Washtenaw County Schools and How They Rank
Ann Arbor  Washtenaw County Schools and How They Rank

Looking for a home in Ann Arbor,Saline,Dexter,Chelsea,Milan,Ypsilanti or anywhere in Washtenaw County, begin your Ann Arbor Area home search here.

  • What do you think about the study?
  • How did you chose where you wanted your children to go to school?
  • Does a study like this influence you at all?

Leave me a comment below and let me know.


What are some of the biggest mistakes when selling your Ann Arbor home?

P1060458 300x199 Biggest Mistakes In Selling Your Ann Arbor HouseFirst, a seller needs to hire a local Realtor and not someone out of area to market their home. Local Realtor’s know the area, subdivisions, neighborhoods, and schools.

When buyers buy a house, they are thinking more than house, they are thinking home. Home means more than a house. New homeowners will be integrating into the community and want to know about it.


In the graph attached below, you will see that 77% of all the homes sold, price is the determining factor. Price it correctly right out the gate, don’t chance the market down.

Now we are in a seller’s market here in Ann Arbor and last year we saw our market increase by an average of 14%, which is  good news and by the end of the selling season, most appraisals were starting to come in fine.

Go over the comparable sales with your Ann Arbor Realtor. Realtors sell a lot of homes, most sellers sell 4 or 5 during their lifetime.  We live and  breathe real estate and know based on data where your home should be priced.


There is nothing more frustrating to a buyer who wants to view your home on a certain day and time to be turned down. Now occasionally unexpected things come up. But, for the most part make your home available when buyers are ready to see.


Coming in at 32% is to de-clutter your home. I am shocked at how many home’s I show where it is too cluttered. You can do two things to resolve this:

1) rent a storage unit

2) stack it up neatly in the basement

Here is the graph, this graph was designed from input by 1000 Realtors on Activerain.

Biggest%20Home%20Seller%20Mistakes ActiveRain Oversized Biggest Mistakes In Selling Your Ann Arbor House

Data provided by ActiveRain.com.

ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals who exchange best practices, write real estate blogs, and get free education from the industry and their peers.

If you are looking for a market value on you Ann Arbor Home click here, and enter your email address and tell me about your home. I will send you all the recent data in your neighborhood.

Measuring market change in Ann Arbor 

Most of the measurements we see reported in the Ann Arbor Area MLS relate to median price change over time, not price per square foot. As house sizes rise, the price per square foot falls and does so because price per square foot includes not only the gross living area, as well as the garage, basement, improvements to the house, decks, patios, and other site improvements, and even more importantly, the site itself.

Since there is a diminishing return as house sizes increase, it is easy to see how a shift upward in-house size could make the market look like it is improving at a higher rate than it actually is. Conversely, if house sizes are shifting downward, then the market may look like prices are going down when they are not.

In this first graph, it looks like the Ann Arbor Area market dropped in early 2012 to late 2012 and then had a meteoric rise in mid to late 2013:

image006 Ann Arbor Prices Per Square Foot

In the second graph, the Ann Arbor market shows only a slight leveling of price increases in 2012 and then another slight leveling in early 2013 followed by a much steadier price increase towards the end of 2013.

21 Ann Arbor Prices Per Square Foot

Which of these graphs better represent the Ann Arbor area market?

How about a blending of the data?

If houses decrease in size in general, the price per square foot rises at a greater rate, and by looking at both measures, I feel the read of the market is more realistic and I have accounted for the change of buyer preferences. Sometimes one indicator is more reliable than another, and in those cases market change is best measured by the one that makes most sense.

The next chart is what I used for my graphs. In Ann Arbor Market statistics are run on a yearly basis but also one month at a time. The data presents one year of data for each segment and is a nuanced way to measure market change.

As an appraiser I am tracking the number of sales, the list-price-to sales-price ratio, and the median sales price, the median sales price per square foot and days on market cumulatively.

The data below comes from information culled from the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors MLS and excludes distress sales and duplicate listings.

11 Ann Arbor Prices Per Square Foot

This data and research is presented by Rachel Massey @

Massey & Associates Valuation Services


[email protected]

***Thanks Rachel I have learned a lot from you on how to really look at the market***

Begin your Ann Arbor home search  

Ann Arbor market data in the last 3 years.

I hope you can read this because it is truly incredible. A friend in my office has been composing data for us and using data from the Ann Arbor Area MLS. Today I was reviewing it and wanted to point out a few of the things I noticed.

1) In August 2010, there was a 9.0 month supply of inventory vs August 2013 there was a 3.0 month supply of inventory.

2) In August 2010, there were 2361 homes available to buy in Ann Arbor. In August 2013 there were 1032 homes to buy.

3) 11.1% sold in August 2010, yet in August 2013 33.8% of homes sold.

This has been only 3 years. I started to experience the market stabilizing in 2011 and the market data below reflects that.

Screen Shot 2013 09 20 at 7.54.14 PM 1024x777 Ann Arbor Area Market The Last 3 Years

I am excited to see what is going to happen during our Fall and Winter months.

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